This site has been dormant for a couple of years due to loosing my original hosting and the majority of the content & me not really having the time or inclination to do anything with it.

For the past few months I’ve been thinking about re-launching the site as a way for me to vent my over-opinionated thoughts on the topics I care about, which will probably range from idiots in rush hour traffic through to web application development and design.

I’m not guaranteeing that any of this will be interesting – but I’m also not going to expect that I’ll get much of an audience either, so it’s fine by me if it’s fine by you.

To start the ball rolling here are two things I hope never to have on my site:

  • Picture(s) of myself
  • The word “Ajax” used in anything other than a reference to a cleaning product (and in this sentance of course).

Finally, I’ve not had much time to set this up, so I’m using the nicest looking wordpress template I could find with it hacked a bit more to my liking. I’ll get round to designing the site proper at some stage and then hopefully I’ll have some nicer templates to play with and valid HTML.