Update : JavaScript Image Cropper UI using Prototype v 1.2.2

Once again it’s been a long time since I released an update to the JavaScript Image Cropper UI, for reference v1.2.1 was released in 2009 and the previous version in 2006!

Shrinking large background image bug in iPhone Safari

Screenshots of an iPhone showing the broken background and the working background
Updated: 22nd Feb 2010
I experienced a slightly odd bug in the latest version of mobile Safari on iPhone where it was shrinking large background images applied via CSS to fit within the confines of the screen. Not finding anyone else who has written about this problem I thought I’d share my findings.

No IE For You!

No IE for You!
The title of this post was going to be:

Update : JavaScript Image Cropper UI using Prototype v 1.2.1

It’s been a long time since I released an update to the JavaScript Image Cropper UI (for reference v1.2.0 was released on 30th Oct 2006!).

Where to Start With, open to all & new feature

Just a very quick post to let you all know that my community-driven music recommendation site Where to Start With has just left private beta. Not only that but we have launched what we think is a killer new feature, there is a lot more detail (and a screencast) in the blog post over at our Where to Start With blog.

Introducing: My New F1-Focused Site F1Heat.com

Screenshot of my new F1-focused site F1heat.com
I have been thinking about writing articles on F1 on my here for quite a while, as I have found myself getting more and more interested by the sport (as of writing it is currently less 4 days, 1 hour and around 10 minutes before the start of the 2009 season and I can’t wait!) and getting more involved on F1 sites, with comments etc. I have also started to notice that in quite a lot of places that I would like to write more than short comments (I don’t like to read essays in comments, so I try not to leave them too) but also I feel that I have more to add with original articles of my own.

Introducing: Wheretostartwith.com – Community Powered Music Recommendations

Screenshot of the Where To Start With homepage
I’d like to introduce to you my brand new site Where to Start With, which I have been working on in my spare time for a while (more on this in future posts).

A Nice Rebuttal To The Hulu Situation

Just to get you up to speed if you don’t know what Hulu is and what situation is before I get to the rebuttal I found today:

Quick Link: Dead simple task scheduling in Rails

I’ve just come across this post on dead simple task scheduling in Rails by the guys at intridea. It looks like a really nifty way to setup scheduled tasks in your Rails app, previously I had my tasks in rake files which I would then hit with cron.

Customer Satisfaction Tip From The Dentist – Empathise with your customers situation

Yesterday I went for a root canal. I wasn’t entirely sure what the process involved and somewhere in the past I had gotten it into my head that a root canal could possibly be quite unpleasant. However I have never really had much of a problem with going to the dentist or having work done on my teeth so I wasn’t worried (much), but I can imagine that others might not be so lucky.