I’ve been eyeing up a 15” Powerbook G4 for a while now and yesterday I finally took my first step towards a, hopefully, better future for my computing life by purchasing one.

My plan was to try and get one in the Christmas sales and sleep nearly stopped that from happening. To cut a long story short the 15” Powerbook was in the sale (at £1099 instead of £1399), however they were out of stock. I wasn’t really surprised with that saving (it meant it was actually 2 pence cheaper than the 12” model), however I was surprised when I was offered the display item for £750!

Now I’ve been looking at the Powerbooks in the store quite a few times and I’d never seen the 15” running plus the Powerbooks were kept behind perspex. Combining these two facts with the nearly 50% discount and the fact that I still get the normal warrenty etc. I jumped at the chance.

I’ve spent the last 2 days playing around with it and installing all the software that I decided I need to do my work on the laptop and I’m loving it. I love the styling, speed, OS</a>, font-smoothing, stability, software, full size keyboard and more.

Although finding some characters on the UK keyboard can be a bit difficult and some of the differences between PC and Mac keyboards are something you have to contend with (I don’t know if it’s harder or easier been able to touch type). Another little thing with the keyboard I’m finding hard to get to grips with is the three special keys; ctrl, alt/option and command key and their uses/combinations. Surprisingly the tiny return key, in comparison to standard full-size PC keyboards, doesn’t bug me at all and is easy to hit.

I’m sure that this is a good purchase and that I’ll continue to heap praise on the laptop.