If you’re anything like me (read: anal and a perfectionist) then when dealing with multiple programs in Windows you may like to have your programs in a given order in the task bar. For example if I’m testing some CSS/JS in multiple browsers I usually have them in order of Firefox, IE 5.5, IE 6 and Opera (maybe a couple of versions of Opera) from left to right (that list included IE 5.0 until recently), another situation is when I have multiple file transfer windows open to each of our clustered web servers.

In the browser example if one of those browsers crashed, usually IE 5.5 or 5.0 in the hacky multiple browser setup you need to do for IE, then they’d be out of order and it really bugged me. Well it bugs me no more, thanks to the wonderful (and free) Taskbar Shuffle, which allows me to reorder taskbar entries. If you too like to keep your taskbar in order then this download is a must for you.