Screenshot of redesigned homepage, 22nd August 2006
…it’s all about the effects.

Today I came across the new website, I will point here out that I really like the library, my first thoughts were along the lines of “Ugh” or some other onomatopoeic word which in English would translate to “My eyes, it burns!”.

As I said just now, and would like to re-iterate, I really do like the library and even extend it in one of my code projects.

I suppose the gratuitous use of the available effects is meant as a show-case of what you can do with But the site’s tagline, it’s about the user interface, baby! is the real kick in the giggle berries for me, this is exactly what it should be, a show-case of how can enhance the UI, not how it can make it inaccessible and difficult to use while concentrating on the effects. The fact that they didn’t manage to do both is what really bothers me in the end.