As I’ve mentioned before I’m a little bit anal when it comes to organising things on my computer and just have to have it all the way I want it. When listening to a recent edition of the Security Now podcast (that’s right I said podcast, Netcast my ass) on my way home last night I couldn’t help get excited by the mention of allSnap. As, from the description of it, this offers something I’ve wanted for almost ever, but never really searched for — it allows all top level windows (in Windows) to snap to each other and the desktop boundaries.

This is just fantastic, no longer do I have to spend time tweaking Windows to align up with the desktop boundaries (I rarely maximize things, on my new monitors I do it even less) and then curse when I accidentally drag it out of position. I’ve only just started using this utility but I know I’ll be installing it on all my Windows machines, if there is a similar utility available for OS X then I’d love to hear about those too.

Finally one thing I’ve noticed is that when having a dual monitor setup is that some programs don’t handle that too well, allSnap handles them perfectly, each monitor has it’s own snap for its desktop boundaries, fantastic.