William Shatner, Has Been CD front cover photograph
Has Been implies failure, not so. - William Shatner, “Has Been”, “Has Been” 2004

The William Shatner album Has Been was recommended to me by a work colleague earlier this year (but the album was released a couple of years ago) and I feel it’s about time to pass on this recommendation to anyone I can because it is simply fantastic.

I have quite varied tastes in music, but generally I’d describe myself as leaning towards the Metal and Rock genres; but in all honesty anything good ends up in my collection.

The album is best described as spoken word with a strong soundtrack provided by Ben Folds who produced and arranged the album, but I find it hard trying to pin it down to any specific genre and feel that description to be lacking somewhat. As a little aside I came across one review site which simply said There is no word to explain this genre. which seemed quite apt.

Has Been has to be the single most open and honest album I have ever heard, it is captivating, interesting, unique and much more. It has a dark but almost black comedy side to a couple of tracks which are uplifting in their honesty.

I continually find myself returning to this album time and again. It may not be everyones cup of tea, but if you are open and willing to give it a chance then you might just end up loving it.

For those who have heard his first album and disliked that - don’t worry, this is nothing like that. I just hope he has a go at a follow up album or two and doesn’t break the winning formula.

So what you waiting for, go buy your copy of Has Been now.