I and a small team have been writing a small application in PHP using CakePHP, which we all have an ongoing love-hate relationship with.

However we have been thinking that to really get things moving forward quicker we might move to Coldfusion. We currently have a dedicated server which runs my family of sites which is a LAMP box running.

So I have an open question to any of my readers, what would you guys see as the best option moving forward:

  1. Coldfusion installation on our current web server - I have no experience of installing CF on Linux, I don’t know what kind of overhead it has etc.
  2. Coldfusion hosting, if this is an option we want it to be flexible but as inexpensive as possible - any suggested hosts.

This is just a whim at the moment and I haven’t performed any real research into the above options (yet) so I thought I’d just throw it out and see what other people think.