I’ve been very quiet recently due to two things, firstly I had been working pretty much ever spare hour my new project (more details to come soon) and then 3 almost weeks ago I got the keys to my first house. It’s needed quite a bit of work (OK it didn’t need it, but it really was the best time to do it) so I’ve spent pretty much every spare hour in the house - I hadn’t been near a computer for the first 8 days of getting the keys for my house.

Once the house move is complete I should be able to get back to my project and then the other things on my list, number one is to look at the JavaScript image cropper to address outstanding issues and feature requests as well as doing a few things that I want to do to it. As I just had a look at my site stats and suddenly the downloads have rocketed, 16,000 for the latest version of the cropper alone.

Now if only I had a dollar for each of those downloads ;)