I’ve had a site hosting an animation of mine called The Mime since mid 2002. I did have in mind to have for the site to be from the perspective of The Mime from the film and that he would have a diary etc. etc.

This was back when I was hoping to work in some sort field in 3D animation, that is before I accidentally became a full-time web developer (don’t worry I’ve progressed a lot since I did the site for the animation).

Now I can only assume that people are reading things like the about me page and are thinking that the character (who appears on every page and doesn’t really look very human) is a real person as that is the only way to explain some of the submissions I’ve got through the contact form. Here are a few gems from over the years:

Hi, My name is xxxxxx, I am a deaf actor who lives for mime. I was not aware there was a school of Mime and would like to know more details about the school you went to.

I didn’t have the heart to reply to that one.

I’m emailing on behalf of a new game show which we are filming for Channel 5 in the Autumn of this year. Celebrity contestants will have to learn a skill from experts and then be rated on their performance. We are looking for an international expert of mime artistry and would be interested if you could assist. However, please note that no fee will be paid to the experts for taking part in this program.

If it were paid I would have done it just for the giggle, hell I should have done it anyway - it would probably have been more entertaining than the program they were pitching.

And today I got the following:

Nursing home summer party August 18th, based in Surrey. Would like to know your prices.

Maybe I should have taken up some of these offers, or at least replied to them, and earned myself a few quid here and there.