I’ve just made some improvements to how I plan to maintain the resources for the JavaScript Image Cropper UI (this is part of my plans for the V2 phase) this evening, which are as follows:

  1. Setup a Google code project to track the issues (and allow reporting of issues) and to hold the documentation (which I’ve started off with some FAQs).
  2. Setup a Google group for discussion of the project, this will allow new and current users to get help and find answers to previously asked questions etc. in a much better way than having things added to the comments (as I found myself continuously answering the same questions).</a>

I hope any future questions/improvement ideas/bugs/feature requests etc. come through via the group or the issues list on the Google code project.

I hope this helps everyone a little bit and I hope to grow the FAQs and add other documentation over the coming days and weeks. I would also like you to get in touch (via the group of course) if you have already made a backend server-side implementation that works with the cropper as I want to list those in the FAQ - I have seen a few mentioned in the comments on the code page and will go through those when I get chance.

Oh and if you’re interested in a little piece of trivia; 999 people have bookmarked the Cropper code page on del.icio.us so far.