For the past 10 minutes or so every search I have performed on Google ( has brought up the “This site may harm your computer” warning page on almost every result (except for Google owned sites, like YouTube). Just take a look at this search for the term “Something”:

A screenshot of Google search results

I also tried on different browsers and get the same issues - is anyone else getting this? Either way it’s a little disconcerting that a bug like this can find its way into Google, but also in its own way a little reassuring that everyone has bugs.

Update: Yep it appears to be everywhere, this TechCrunch story covers it.

Update: The BBC have a bit more detail, seems an import of data from flagged everything as dangerous - do you think someone updated the query recently and missed out the WHERE id = [id] part, I know I’ve done that on in dev more than once. :)