It’s been a long time since I released an update to the JavaScript Image Cropper UI (for reference v1.2.0 was released on 30th Oct 2006!).

However it is still going strong and a couple of things prompted me to release this update to bring it to v1.2.1.

The first thing was Tom Hirashima (sorry Tom, wasn’t sure if you have a site you want me to link to) sent me an email last week with an update to the code to allow it to work with the latest versions of Prototype & out of the box ( & 1.8.2 respectively). Although the last time I tried the cropper with the latest versions of them both it worked fine, you just had to change the bundles that included, Tom has made some further changes. This is a good thing as for the past couple of years I’ve pretty much been out of the prototype & loop having moved to MooTools and now jQuery (which I hated at first, but that’s another story).

The second thing was that the cropper was mentioned (and my how old does this site design look to me now) in the latest (and as usual excellent) Railscast, Cropping Images.

As a part of integrating Tom’s changes I decided to tackle a load of bugs from the bug list to try and reduce the list so I can keep on top of it better going forward (a long list of open bugs is never conducive to getting any of them fixed).

Here’s a full list of the changes:

  • Added support for latest versions of Prototype & ( & 1.8.2 respectively). Changes provided by Tom Hirashima.
  • No-longer package prototype & with the release
  • Changed tests to use google ajax libraries API to load prototype &
  • Added option to not auto include the cropper CSS file
  • #00008 - Fixed bug: Dynamic include of cropper CSS expected cropper.js and failed when using cropper.uncompressed.js
  • #00028 - Fixed bug: Doesn’t work with latest - Fix by Tom Hirashima
  • #00030 - Fixed bug: Doesn’t work in Firefox 3.5 (CSS include issue)
  • #00007 - Fixed bug: onEndCrop isn’t called when moving with keys
  • #00011 - Fixed bug: The image that is to be cropped does not show in IE6.0 – included CSS fix
  • Tidied up source code & fixed issues that jslint found so it will compress better

Finally as usual, please use the bug reporting link or discussion list mentioned on JavaScript Image Cropper UI code page rather than leaving comments to report bugs.

Head over to the JavaScript Image Cropper UI code page for download and documentation.