Updated the PHPUnit2 HTML Runner to apply a fix provided by Glen Ogilvie for the Formatter when it tries to find the original exception that was thrown.

I also tided the Formatter up a bit by adding much needed comments to explain the functionality it provides in the context of the HTML Runner.

Finally added a new section to the code page to list known bugs/issues as this is very much a work in progress with very little testing performed I’m sure more will crop up.

Currently there is one issue, also raised by Glen, when the test case/suite is in a different directory to the class definition it is testing and the class definition been tested contains relative includes/requires. Glen also supplied some ideas on how to address this issue but unfortunately I have not had time to look at this, I will hopefully have time to at least begin to replicate the problem within the codebase.

If you find any bugs/issues with the HTML Runner then please either use the comments or the contact form to report the issue until I sort out a better bug reporting solution.