I got into using del.icio.us pretty late on and I’ve only really used it to store my bookmarks so I can access them from anywhere.

Although it’s not perfect for my requirements until today I thought the only downfall with it was the fact that I can’t integrate the bookmarks into Firefox better, I’m talking a sidebar that acts like my del.icio.us homepage and lets me type in the tags to filter those.

But this evening I started using del.icio.us to look for some popular font sites, I’ve not really done much searching on del.icio.us so far and I don’t think I will again for some time either.

The problem I have is, to say that the concept of the del.icio.us search is to find the most popular pages with a given tag, its incredibly hard for me to tell how popular something is and it even hurts my eyes a little to look at the results.

You see I’m colour blind, quite badly colour blind in fact, and in the del.icio.us search results:
del.icio.us search results screen shot
…I can’t read how many people have saved the link as the text clashes awfully against all but the lightest shades of the background colour they have chosen to use - on the darker shades it makes my eyes hurt trying to look at it.

I can’t think of a worse combination I’ve come across when using a website, or in any situation come to think of it. Maybe dark red on black comes close, but at least that doesn’t hurt my eyes and is usually on really poorly designed sites anyway.