Today I’m proud to announce the launch of a site I have been working on for quite a while, so without further to do I introduce to you Ignite Image, web design for musicians. is a website for my web design company Ignite Image, which specialises in creating stylish, modern, accessible, functional, professional, exciting and standards compliant websites for bands and musicians. I’m extremely proud of both the aims and objectives of this website and company and the website itself.

We are a small team of four at the moment; there is me, responsible for design & development, another excellent developer, a designer & marketeer and an artists relationship manager.

All four of us are closely involved in the independent music scene, with us all being active musicians and regular gig attendants; on a personal note almost every one of my closest friends are members of active bands. Being us so closely involved with unsigned and independent artists as well as being web developers we have had constant requests to create stylish and functional websites for our friends, on a shoe-string of course.

This has given us lots of experience in the common requirements and problems faced by independent artists wanting to create their first online presence and we want to share this knowledge and expertise with other artists outside our circle of musician associates.

We aim to offer the most competitive pricing and feature set without compromising on quality to artists and musicians who wish to create an exciting and modern web site for themselves.

So why not head over to Ignite Image now to learn more, if you think we could help you out or you just want to learn more then don’t hesitate to contact us.