For a current project I needed a browser based image cropping user interface, I wanted it to have the same features as found in something like Photoshop and be based on the Prototype JavaScript framework and possibly, as they are both being employed in the area this tool will be used, plus taking advantage of their power would reduce the weight impact of the interface.

I did quite a lot of searching for some ready made solutions and found none that had the complete feature set that I required or any complete versions based on Prototype, the closest I found was Encytemedia’s Prototype/ Javascript Image Cropper, but this is far from complete.

So after a week and a half of work, I present the JavaScript image cropper UI, built on Prototype &, there is also demo page which allows you to try out all the functionality of the image cropper UI.

I have spent the majority of my spare time over the past week and a half working on this and I am quite confident in the version 1.0 status I have given it. It contains all the functionality I originally envisaged, plus some, and works in all the major modern browsers on PC (including IE 5.5) & Mac.

As this little project has taken up so much of my time I also decided to add donation links to the bottom of each of the code pages for those who wish to show their appreciation for the time it has saved them from having to implement their own version of the utility.

As usual all comments/feedback/bug reports should be placed on the code page for the image cropper.