Quick Tip: If Parallels Suddenly Goes Slow

I’ve noticed a few times that my Ubuntu VM, running in Parallels, suddenly goes slow.

Testing That An Observer Is Registered In Rails With RSpec

I’ve just started using Observers in a Rails application I’m creating and found out that in order to have them picked up by rails you have to manually register the Observers within your environment.rb file, like so:

It’s Customer Service, Not Customer Self-Service

A couple of weeks ago in the hope of getting my hands on an iPhone 3G on release day, which is another (long) story, I called my current phone company to get a PAC code to transfer my number. I’ve been thinking of changing phone companies for a while now mainly due to the fact that I’ve been on the exact same call plan for over 5 7 years and have never really been offered anything by the company.

Pseudo-code Ruby baby

I’ve previously highlighted the geekery that is using pseudo-code for non code related activities (in my case an IM insult) and just though I’d share this lovely example from Null is Love:

Best. Present. Ever.

Lunar photograph, one of the first using my new telescopeI have just come in from another night of playing with the best present I have ever received, a telescope.

Uploading Files and Images With Flex and Rails

Having spent most of Saturday trying to get files to upload from a Flex application to a Rails backend, fighting against both Flex and Rails all the way, I thought I’d collect together some of the things that have helped me work through this in the hope that others don’t have to spend quite as long battling through this. Note however that these are not necessarily best pratices, more a collection of tips that helped me in my situation, there are probably better ways to do some or all of the things that I’ll be writing about - and if you know of any improvements/alternatives I’d love to hear about them.

UPDATE: JavaScript Image Cropper UI, resources improvements

I’ve just made some improvements to how I plan to maintain the resources for the JavaScript Image Cropper UI (this is part of my plans for the V2 phase) this evening, which are as follows:

Code Update: FlexUnit Custom Test Runner v 0.2.0

I’ve been doing quite a bit of unit testing on the Flex part of our new product lately and this has led me to fix a few issues and add some improvements to my FlexUnit Test Runner, I’ve been running with these fixes and improvements for a couple of weeks and finally took some time out yesterday evening to package them up so I could release them.

Rant/Tip: Comment handling

I’ve just about given up adding comments to blogs as about 80% of the ones I’ve made recently haven’t appeared on the post after I’ve submitted them.

245 tests, 2094 assertions, 0 failures, 0 errors – yippie!

Sorry for the rather pointless post, I’ve just finished ensuring our test coverage is up to scratch on our project (as I mentioned in the last post). This means that I can get on with the next stage.